Mobile Car Mechanic -Good Reasons To Use Mobile Car Servicing Today

Regardless of the car make or age, regular car service is essential to keep your car safely on the roads and to prolong its usefulness. Skipping a service every now and again isn’t too much of a problem, but any good car mechanic will tell you that you shouldn’t make it a habit.

Getting the periodic service your car need is now just a phone call away as you can call in for mobile car servicing. The mobile car mechanic comes to your home or workplace and performs the service right then and there. Mobile car repairs and services make it a lot easier for people who work at home or for those who don’t have the time to take their car to the car shop. Here are very good reasons to use mobile car servicing today.

Mobile car servicing prevents damage from escalating

Getting your car regularly serviced gives you a better chance of finding problems which if ignored, can turn into expensive repairs. Your mobile car mechanic can identify any problem that needs to be fixed or that may become a bigger problem in the future. Finding problems during your service can help avoid accidents or a costly repair bill.

Mobile car servicing gets your car tip-top shape and extends its life

Regular maintenance and service are essential in getting your car in good condition for a long time. Oftentimes, we see cars that need big repairs, simply because the car did not have a proper servicing schedule. The simple oil change is vital to the life of your vehicle and ignoring will have an effect on the engine performance.

Things To Know When Buying A Used Car

mobile car repairs riverviewAre you planning to buy a used car? It’s just common to check out the car before you make a purchase. Here are some tips to check used car before buying.

Use OBD2 scan tools

It is a good idea to get this tool. Modern cars are computerized and this automotive diagnostic scanner can help you learn a lot about the used car. Look for the plug under the dash and plug the scanner right in, then start the car.

Now the first thing that you want to do is check the scanner and see if there is any code. See the function list and select “Read Code.” When it reads “No Codes Found” that means good. When the scanner shows trouble codes, it means there is a problem with the car.

Another function of the tool you can use is the Drive Cycle Monitor to check if all the monitors are working properly. It is important that you check this to see if the computer was reset. Problems occur when the computer is reset and it will show in the scanner that the monitors are not OK yet.

Check the underside of the car

Inspect for oil leakage. Park the car in a nice flat surface and look under to see if there’s any kind of oil leakage.

It would be also helpful in this case to jack up the front end car to have a good underside look. Check the CV joints to make sure they are not ripped or torn. Take a look at the bottom of the engine and transmission to make sure they are not leaking.

Check for suspension wear. You can do this by pulling on the tire while the car is jacked up and see if it wobbles back and forth. If it does then it is a sign of suspension wear.

Check for body damage. This is important to see if the car has been wrecked or flooded. See if the hood is aligned correctly. Check the seam the whole way around the hood. The right and left seam should look exactly the same and that means the hood hasn’t been crumpled in. You can do the same inspection on the doors.

Inspect the trunk for damage. Check the trunk inside to see if it has been rear-ended. Check the seams around and under the trunk to see if they are still intact.

Look at the paint. You may want to look up and down to check the paint. Look at the reflection and see if you will notice any little dings.

Do a quick check on the tires. Make sure all tires are still in good condition. Look for gouges and damages.

Drive test the car. Take it for a road test. Listen for noises that may indicate car problem.

Another smart thing you can do is to bring the car to a mechanic to do the final check. If you are really serious about buying a car, check the car before buying to make sure that the car will not give you a headache.

Make Some Noise With This Car Upgrade

mobile car mechanic service redbankWant to make some noise? If you are looking for a car accessory that adds performance to your car, then start with the exhaust system.

When it comes to automotive performance, efficiency is very big. Any bottlenecks in your intake or exhaust system restrict car some horsepower and torque. Unfortunately, factory intake and exhaust systems do have these restrictions. Car manufacturing budgets and methods produce decent standard parts for the average driver and vehicle.

The design of factory exhaust systems is intended to provide sufficient amount of power without sacrificing fuel economy and noise. But for many performance car enthusiasts, the factory exhaust system is kind of boring. If the stock exhaust system of your car doesn’t excite you, you may want to get an aftermarket exhaust system to increase performance and enhance the sound. A free-flowing exhaust system is undeniably much better than the factory version.

You can find a less expensive aftermarket exhaust system that is going to give your car a good performance and great sound. You also have the option to go for the high end systems.

But why should you go for the high-end exhaust system? To make it simple, high-end exhaust systems delivers better performance and quality. In addition, top-notch aftermarket exhaust systems have gone through a lot of research and development in both performance and sound in order to produce great systems that will last for a long time. So if you are looking for aftermarket exhaust systems that carry proven performance and proven quality, you may want to opt for higher-end systems.

If you are looking for that real aggressive sound for your car, then go with the high-quality aftermarket exhaust system. You will really get what you pay for these high end systems. You will feel the increase in power, torque and aggressive sound that comes with it.

Rims And Tires Upgrade – One Of The Best Upgrades You Can Do To Your Car

mobile logbook car service redbankPeriodic car service and maintenance is essential to keep the car in good condition. In addition, many car enthusiasts look for upgrades to make their car look better. If you are looking for the quickest way to improve the look of your car you may want to consider a set of new rims and tires.

The factory wheels may not look bad, but the stellar look of upgraded rims is something you will not see from the stock. If you want a car that everyone is raving about, enhancing your wheels and rims will get the job done.

Quality rims will improve your car’s performance. Your choice of rims depends on the size and style you want for your car. You may opt for the smaller sized rims at 17 to 19 inches or go big at 22 inches. You will need to measure your car and know the manufacturing specs to get the perfect size of the rim for your upgrade.

There are different styles, colours and finishes to choose from. You will definitely find the set of rims you want to go along with your car’s colour and make. Your choice of new rims will definitely add style to your car’s overall appearance.

Then you have to get a good tire to compliment the beauty of your rim. You will need to choose a good set of tires for better grip and handling.

Your car might be looking outdated or simply looking for a fresher look to your eye. Upgrading your rims and tires is the quickest way to improve car appearance and performance. Get your car wheels upgraded and enjoy all the attention you will get on the road.

Aftermarket or OEM Auto Repair?

When your vehicle breaks down or is in need of service, you have two different options to choose from. The first option is to use OEM or else Original Equipment Manufacturer auto parts. On the contrary, the second option has to do with the use of aftermarket car parts. In the first case, you know you are using the spare parts of the same brand and making. This helps a lot of people feel safer and avoid worrying situations over time. However, aftermarket car parts cost significantly lower. So what happens?

OEM vs Aftermarket

aftermarket auto repair

Well, there is no actual right or wrong here. There are cases when OEM is the best solution. Unless you are willing to take the chances and probably use a spare part that is not 100% meant to function on your vehicle, why do that? But in several other cases, aftermarket auto parts are proven to be even better than the original. So it really depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

What is more, it depends on the professional you have hired for the service of your car. In other words, the car service provider will suggest the most suitable solution. He will do that after carefully inspecting the vehicle and identifying its specialized needs. As you can imagine, independent car dealerships are not limited as to the equipment and spare parts they use. As a result, they are free to choose whatever they feel suits best in each situation.

Of course, you should be thorough when choosing aftermarket auto repair parts. Not all of them are of fine quality standards. So this means that you need to double check and only trust reliable experts like Ipswich Mechanical. In this way, you will always rest assured of top quality parts being used. And since your vehicle is precious, you should not take any risks!


In Search of Car Service

Do you need car service and you do not know which professionals to turn to? Well, there is no need to worry. On the contrary, through some simple yet effective tips you will be able to enjoy great auto repair services at affordable price rates. So if you are interested in discovering the best value for money in the services you are after, read through the article below. You will be amazed at how easy it can be for you to separate the wheat from the chaff and benefit from great services for your precious vehicle.

What to Look for in Car Service

car service

First on the list is of course the quality of services provided. In other words, you need to make sure that the car service professionals you have hired offer high quality services. How can you be sure? You can checktheir credentials and see what they have been trained about. In this way, you will know if they are up to the task. Living up to your expectations is crucial, in order to be kept satisfied and obviously enjoy driving to the maximum.

Then, it is equally important to check out the feedback and reviews of prior customers. Nowadays, the web provides a wealth of information. You should not underestimate the power of knowledge, especially whn it comes to car service. So check what other people have to sa about the specific professionals. There is, however, always the risk of biased reviews. But overall, this is a great way of knowing what you are dealing with.

Finally, you should look out for offers and discounts. It goes without even saying that the cost should not limit you as to who you are going to hire. In other words, a seemingly affordable professional might end up costing you more over time. Lack of precision and attention to details, faulty spare parts and inefficient car service can be tricky. Still, try to find seasonal discounts and offers. Besides, you should always compare and contrast the price rates.

Ipswich Mechanical offers a great solution to those looking for high quality auto repair. So if you are truly determined to come up with reliable and cost-effective care for your vehicle, you should look no further!

Useful Camping Tips to Avoid Any Pitfalls and Indulge in Pure Magic


Camping is a lifestyle, rather than just a trend or a way to save some money during our holidays. If you enjoy being in nature, then camping is definitely a top option for you to consider. Especially since holidays are meant to be relaxing and help you get away from your daily routine, this is a great opportunity! Just make sure that you are adequately equipped, in avoidance of any pitfalls that might turn your camping dream into a nightmare!


First of all, you ought to make sure that you have bought a tent that covers your needs. There are tents meant only for a single person, others that cover the needs of a couple and some others that are capable of hosting up to 6 individuals. What do you want to use the tent for? Are you going to camp in the woods, by the beach, somewhere organized or remote? These are all questions that need an answer. This answer will help you decide prudently as to the most suitable tent to purchase.


Then, never underestimate the value of a foam camping mattress. In this way, you will be able to offer your body the chance to sleep well at night. You need proper rest; without a mattress, you will probably put extra pressure on your body and end up feeling sore in the morning.


Other equipment you should not do without includes pots and pans, a lantern, a torch, matches, some rope and insect repellents. Obviously, depending on where you are traveling and where you will be camping, your needs might vary. But these are the basics and you should buy them beforehand.


Do not forget a first aid kit, as well as locks to secure your valuables. Either way, avoid taking all your valuables with you. If you can do without it, then there is no reason to jeopardize getting robbed of precious jewelry. Then, get enough food that will last throughout your camping trip. Unless of course you have access to the market, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Do not depend on fishing to get fed! Instead, rely on canned food and be rational with the portion control.


These are just the essentials of camping. Make your own list and include the stuff that you feel will make the most of your camping experience. With the right planning ahead, camping will certainly compensate you!

What you need to Know when Dealing with an Auto Mechanic

We’ve probably all come across an auto mechanic or dealt with one before, but you might not know everything you’re supposed to do when you’ve taken your vehicle for repairs. Auto mechanics are professionals who not only know and understand how to diagnose problems in your automobile but can figure out the best way possible to get your vehicle back on the road. The first step usually involves diagnosing and determining what needs to be repaired or replaced before getting their hands dirty to fix the problem.

One of the mistakes drivers and car owners around Ipswich make is postponing or rather ignoring maintenance and needed repair work. The last thing you want to experience is seeing your vehicle breakdown when you need it most. That’s why you must make sure it’s in top working condition by taking it for repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. But, what are some of the things you need to do and not to do when you take your vehicle to an auto mechanic? Read on to find out some tips from our Ipswich Mechanical expert at Scott’s Rods.

Communication is important

If you’ve ever been sick and went to see your doctor, you can recall that you had to explain to him how you’re feeling in your body. The medication you get is dependent on how well you communicate to your doctor. Expect the same when you show up at an auto repair shop. The better you are able to explain to an auto mechanic what you think is wrong with your vehicle the easier it is for him or her to diagnose and get the problem fixed. That’s why you should always take note of what’s happening with your ride ahead of time. If there are any unusual sounds and smells or specific leaks and sensations, write them down. Take note of the frequency of occurrence as well.

Have Realistic Expectations

Many people are just impatient and want everything done within the shortest time possible. Well, things can be different when dealing with auto repairs. The best you can do is to plan to leave your automobile at the repair shop for some time and be ready to pay the going rate for the service. What about if I have a something that can be fixed quickly? Remember, you’re not the only one in need of repairs. Furthermore, there are others who came before you. Discuss with your auto mechanic about the time that’s required to fix your vehicle. Don’t forget to get an estimate before the technician starts working on your vehicle.

Unclutter your Vehicle

Courtesy demands that you drop off a clean and uncluttered vehicle for repairs. Be sure your vehicle is tidy, clean, and less cluttered to make it easier for the mechanic to do his work. That means you have to remove those golf clubs, construction equipment, appliances, strollers, and any other thing that’s in your vehicle.

Allow the Mechanic to do his work

Your last mechanic might have never told you this, but you can be sure no one wants to be distracted when they’re working. There’s nothing wrong when you spend time with your vehicle and the technician ad they explain the problem. However, you’d rather spend time in the waiting room to allow the mechanic professionally do his work.

Don’t forget to be Available

Leave your contact information, particularly your phone number to ensure proper communication when needed. The mechanic might need your approval before doing any repairs or replacements that are identified after you’ve left. Furthermore, you need to know when your vehicle is ready.