Things To Know When Buying A Used Car

mobile car repairs riverviewAre you planning to buy a used car? It’s just common to check out the car before you make a purchase. Here are some tips to check used car before buying.

Use OBD2 scan tools

It is a good idea to get this tool. Modern cars are computerized and this automotive diagnostic scanner can help you learn a lot about the used car. Look for the plug under the dash and plug the scanner right in, then start the car.

Now the first thing that you want to do is check the scanner and see if there is any code. See the function list and select “Read Code.” When it reads “No Codes Found” that means good. When the scanner shows trouble codes, it means there is a problem with the car.

Another function of the tool you can use is the Drive Cycle Monitor to check if all the monitors are working properly. It is important that you check this to see if the computer was reset. Problems occur when the computer is reset and it will show in the scanner that the monitors are not OK yet.

Check the underside of the car

Inspect for oil leakage. Park the car in a nice flat surface and look under to see if there’s any kind of oil leakage.

It would be also helpful in this case to jack up the front end car to have a good underside look. Check the CV joints to make sure they are not ripped or torn. Take a look at the bottom of the engine and transmission to make sure they are not leaking.

Check for suspension wear. You can do this by pulling on the tire while the car is jacked up and see if it wobbles back and forth. If it does then it is a sign of suspension wear.

Check for body damage. This is important to see if the car has been wrecked or flooded. See if the hood is aligned correctly. Check the seam the whole way around the hood. The right and left seam should look exactly the same and that means the hood hasn’t been crumpled in. You can do the same inspection on the doors.

Inspect the trunk for damage. Check the trunk inside to see if it has been rear-ended. Check the seams around and under the trunk to see if they are still intact.

Look at the paint. You may want to look up and down to check the paint. Look at the reflection and see if you will notice any little dings.

Do a quick check on the tires. Make sure all tires are still in good condition. Look for gouges and damages.

Drive test the car. Take it for a road test. Listen for noises that may indicate car problem.

Another smart thing you can do is to bring the car to a mechanic to do the final check. If you are really serious about buying a car, check the car before buying to make sure that the car will not give you a headache.